Pirovac is a medieval settlement and fortification of the oldest croatian nobelmen, tradition of mediterranean agriculture as well as touristic climatic and recreational center.


Life is better on the beach so flip flop to the BEACH

The beaches stretch along the coastline on the nortwest and the southeast. Because of its position, the Pirovac bay is a very peaceful place with numerous bays, wild and town beaches and the sea temerature is always higher than in the neghbouring places. Since everthing is close in Pirovac, we advise you to use the maximum of your time and visit all the beaches because each one of them is special on its way. The main town beach „Lolić“ has been awarded a Blue flag for many years which confirms that the beach satisfies the criteria for sea quality and cleanness of the coast as well as the equipment on the beach. It is a pebble beach on the southwest part of the town.



Dalmatian specialties are one of the main gastro offers in Pirovac

Sea food, healthy and light specialties seasoned with olive oil and aromatic herbs of this area (rosemary, bay leaves, basil, thyme) with the glass of fine wine. Whether it is on the grill or under the baking lid, or in a pot, rich traditional dalmatian specialties like fish, shells, sea fruit and meat will satisfy even the most demanding ones. Relax and enjoy in hospitality, kindness, long tradition and expertese of the locals who will take you on the journey of taste and aromas of this area.



Pirovac is a desirable place for active holidays

The paths around Makirina hill and Vrilo bay offer a real relaxation while running or walking along the coast and the view over Pirovac is one of the most beautiful pictures of your holidays. If you like sea activities and watching the coast from a different perspective there are few places in town where you can rent boats, speed boats, water scooters, peddal boats, canoes, and surf boards and you can lie back and enjoy the sea waves. In the middle of the Lolić beach, under the pine trees and near the cafe bar „Balun“ there is a volleyball ground at your disposal where you can have fun and show your skills. While walking through town center in the afternoon hours, you can play boccie, very old and famous dalmatian game which will definitely get you interested and make you laugh.



An unforgettable experience around Vrana Lake Olive is the symbol of the Mediterranean

If you are into cycling and you love nature, the routes will lead you over this area and offer you an unforgettable experience, especially the area around the nature park and ornithological reserve The Vrana lake. These routes will teach you about the history and important sights of this area. Divided by different standards and stops you will easily find the route which suits you the best. Professionals and amateur cyclists will find something for themselves.


What to buy

Olive is the symbol of the Mediterranean

Like most of dalmatian towns Pirovac can be proud of its awarded olive oil producers and home made olive oil. Olive oil is the elixir of lifeand the affects of this golden liquid on the health are well-known to everyone. It gives every dish a special note of its biterness, exceptional aroma and taste offering gastro enjoyment. If you want to find out more about the history of olive tree fields, sorts of olives and olive production there is a festival „Picnic in olive tree field“ at the beginning of September where locals will guide you through. Also, Pirovac has its own olive tasting place where you can taste and buy olive oil.